What are the Elements of Proper Deck Design?

12 Apr

Your deck is the best place you can be to bask in the sun, relax reading your latest magazine, while taking your cold drink, or doing your morning barbeque breakfast.

A deck is your home’s extension to improve your outdoor area for your pleasure each time the weather is favorable to sit outside.   If you are hanging out, lounging, entertaining guests, playing with your kids a well-designed deck should be your best place at home.   To ensure that you have good deck design there are some considerations that need to be understood for proper planning and deck design.

The position of the deck in your home should be the first place.  A good deck design is where the deck mixes your backyard environment and not so visible or obtrusive.   In case your view is good you can enjoy the view and place the deck where you will even more clear view.   If your view is not clear, consider placing your deck next to the garden tree.  Perhaps you want your deck in an area where you will enjoy the sun’s exposure.   Do you feel your privacy is being interfered with by your neighbor?   If your space has little space, shrubbery, walls, and fence can help you in your deck project.

Do you want your deck connected to your home or you to want it near your living room which may be a problem as your family members are watching TV or talking, further your carpets would be damaged with the movement.   You will easily move food and dishes from the deck if your position your deck next to the kitchen.   Sliding door will be very inviting to the kitchen from the deck.  Would you consider the possibility of linking two doors of two rooms to the deck?   This will see to it that from the two doors there is less movement from the house to the deck and hence the carpets will not be damaged easily.

If the destination of the deck is your choice, it must not be connected to the house.   In case your backyard extends to the woods you can consider having it in the woods, or near some trees.  If your property is at the front of a lake or pond you can locate it such that it almost touches the water.  A roof deck is one where you can have it over the garage or flat roof, check out and learn more by clicking here

For a small property you cannot plan to entertain many people, you need a large deck.   The deck size should dictate the family members, so does a property size and the size of the home, you can also you can get additional information here!

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